Jack & Coke.

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Jack & Coke.

About the Project

The first edition of Jack & Coke is here!

It's been a crazy journey that all started with a crowdfunding campaign. Since then, Jack & Coke has become the most popular literary fiction novel ever on Publishizer and the book has been officially signed by Morgan James Publishing.

Jack & Coke is hitting bookstores on June 5, 2018. But if you don't want to wait, then get your first edition copy right here!

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Number 1 in literary fiction

The Elevator Pitch

Jack Ranger is an idealistic 20-something burning to make his mark on the world. When an enigmatic mentor pulls Jack into the world of investigative journalism, he wastes no time exposing the murderously corrupt political system that he encounters. But the system is not so easily tamed and Jack finds himself struggling to navigate an ever-escalating path of power, betrayal, and sabotage. As his purpose bleeds from righteous to vindication, Jack risks everything to escape the future that society has planned for him.

The Video that Launched The Book